Upper (or Over) Denton Church near Gilsland is one of the oldest churches in

Cumbria, possibly dating back to Saxon times. The church is now privately

owned, but the churchyard can be visited at any time. Amongst the grave-

stones are those for members of the Teasdale family of Mumps Hall - Sir Walter

Scott (in Guy Mannering) is said to have based his character Tib Mumps on

Margaret Teasdale. A roman arch within the church is thought to have origin-

ated from the nearby fort at Birdoswald.

Photos taken at Upper Denton Church are in my online album HERE - arranged

in alphabetical order. Transcripts are under each photo. A full transcript of this

churchyard together with that from the neighbouring churchyard in Gilsland is

published by the Cumbria Family History Society.

Upper Denton Church