Gretna Old Church

Gretna Old Church is situated in the Scottish village of Gretna, but there are

many people from the Cumbrian side of the border who were buried here. The

pre 1855 inscriptions at Gretna were transcribed by Gilchrist and Shannon in

the 1960s and are now published by the Dumfries and Galloway Family History

Society. Over the past few years I have taken a lot of photos at Gretna, trying to

find some of the post 1855 inscriptions. Many of the inscriptions originally re-

corded are now illegible or buried under vegetation, however there are many

inscriptions here not in the original transcript, so this is meant as a supplement

to the original DGFHS publication. My transcriptions taken from photos so are

not guaranteed accurate!

Photos taken at Gretna Old Church are in my online album HERE - arranged in

alphabetical order. Transcripts are under each photo, or can be downloaded as

a PDF document.