Canonbie Church is situated in Dumfriesshire, but there are many people

from the Cumbrian side of the border who were buried here. The pre 1855 in-

scriptions at Canonbie were transcribed by Gilchrist and Shannon in the 1960s

and are now published by the Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society.

Over the past few years I have taken a lot of photos at Canonbie, trying to find

some of the post 1855 inscriptions. A few of the inscriptions originally recor-

ded are now illegible, however there are many inscriptions here not in the ori-

ginal transcript, so this is meant as a supplement to the original DGFHS


These are just a few of the many gravestones at Canonbie Church; I have

now photographed all the gravestones in this churchyard - contact me if you

would like a photo of any other stone here.

Some photos taken at Canonbie Church are in my online album HERE - ar-

ranged in alphabetical order. Transcripts are under each photo, or can be

downloaded as a PDF document.

Canonbie Churchyard