Brampton Old Church

There are two churches in Brampton: the oldest church and churchyard is now described as Brampton Old Church , and lies about a mile from the town on the site of a Roman fort. Dedicated to St Martin, parts of it date from Norman times, but only the chancel and a 19 th century porch remain. There are several medieval grave slabs in the churchyard, but most of the gravestones date from 1700 to the 1960s. In 1788, after the old church had fallen into disrepair, it was dismantled and the materials used to convert the chapel and almshouses of an old hospital in the town into a new parish church. This was consecrated in 1789, and enlarged in 1827: there was a small churchyard behind this which was used for burials between 1789 and 1861. This was referred to as the β€œ New Churchyard .” Several families, however, still used the old churchyard for burials during this period.In 1861, both churchyards were declared unfit for use: the old churchyard was extended and continued to be used for burials, while the β€œnew” churchyard was closed to further burials.

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